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December 2020 

December 2020 View:
What Wines When
Chris Harrop
in stock $19.95
Gil Adamson
Hardcover | May 2020
in stock $32.95
The Opium Prince
Jasmine Aimaq
Hardcover | Dec 2020
in stock $35.95
Margaret Atwood
Hardcover | Nov 2020
in stock $32.95

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COVID-19 and Book Sales

November 2020
Dear Friends,                                                                                                                   
As you have likely heard, Toronto will go into lockdown again, starting Monday morning, the 23rd of November. Not exactly sure of all the ramifications, but, certainly as it applies to Sleuth, in-store shopping will not be allowed for the following 28 days. Mail orders and curbside pickups will be allowed, so we will be around Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 11 to 5, and Sunday, Noon to 4. to do the curbside dance. This is very tough news for retail; the end of the year is make-or-break for a lot of retail, us included.

We are also not quite sure how this lockdown will affect publishers and delivery companies, but suspect it will not be good news for anyone. Supply of books will be curtailed and deliveries in time for the holidays are likely not going to be guaranteed for much longer. The post office is already stretched tight, from something I read in the papers recently, and that’s before the holiday rush has even started.

If you are planning on buying books this holiday season, may we suggest that you get your orders in immediately. It’s been a tough eight or nine months already and we have not been able to stock up for the Christmas season like we usually do. Stock will be limited, replacement stock will be slow in arriving, delivery times will be lengthened considerably...time is of the essence. Rest assured that we will do our best to look after your holiday wants.

This will not be over any time soon, unfortunately, so, please, do not let down your guard. Be safe, be mindful of others around you, and do not treat this lightly. Please.

Pix, Marian, jd

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