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August 2020 View:
The Falcon Always Wings Twice
Donna Andrews
Hardcover | Aug 2020
in stock $36.50
The Revelators
Ace Atkins
Hardcover | Jul 2020
in stock $36.00
Handbook for Homicide
Lorna Barrett
Hardcover | Jul 2020
in stock $35.00
Ted Bell
Hardcover | Jul 2020
in stock $37.00

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COVID-19 and Book Sales

Dear Friends,
The City of Toronto has announced a mandatory face mask order, which, If passed by council, would take effect next week. With that in mind, please come prepared. Most people coming into the store have been wearing masks, thank you, and it's probably a good idea anyway. Other than that, it's business pretty much as usual. We have resumed our Thursday to Sunday schedule, with a slight modification of our hours of business: 11am - 5pm (not 10 – 6) Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Noon – 4pm Sunday.  
Physical distancing (staying at least 2 meters from others) will be the main requirement from everyone in the store. Please be aware of others around you and maintain the distance. And, we will limit the number of people in the store at any one time to four.

We kindly ask that you DO NOT VISIT SLEUTH:

  • if you or anyone in your household has tested positive for the Virus—and have not yet been cleared of the Virus
  • if you or anyone in your household has experienced any cold and flu-like symptoms—please refrain from visiting for 14 days
  • if you or anyone in your household has travelled outside of the country in the last 14 days

This will not be over any time soon, unfortunately, so, please, do not let down your guard. If you would prefer to not enter the store, just call us with your order and we’ll do that curbside dance for you. Be safe, be mindful of others around you, and do not treat this lightly. Please.

Pix, Marian, jd

Welcome to Sleuth of Baker Street's website. Use this site to search for and order titles.

First thing, though, is to sign in. (If needed, "Create An Account" first; see "Log In" top right corner.)

Then, search for tiles. Use the "Browse" or "Recent Arrivals" options to the left, the "Search for anything" box above, or by walking through the newsletters below. "Add to cart" and then "Checkout Now." Might look intimidating, but it's pretty simple. Play with it; you won't break anything!

"Checkout Now" will generate an order and we'll get to work filling it. Deleting items from your cart is easy and you'll have lots of chances to get your order exactly right before you submit it. Besides, If anything looks odd, or if there is a better option, we'll get in touch. Orders can be shipped or held at the store for pickup.

Prices and delivery times for all items are subject to change, and we'll get confirmation if necessary. Assume that prices and delivery times for "out of stock" titles are ESTIMATES only. 

Play around with the site and if you have any problems, call or e-mail and we'll walk you through them.

A caution. There may be many editions or formats for a particular title--hardcover, paperback, audio, etc--so have a careful look before adding to your cart. There is a running total of the number of books in your cart and deleting from the cart is simple.  

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