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Blue Moon
Lee Child
CD Audio | Oct 2019
not in store $42.00
(available for order)
The Warsaw Protocol
Steve Berry
Hardcover | Feb 2020
in store $37.99
The Secret Guests
Benjamin Black
Hardcover | Jan 2020
not in store $36.50
(available for order)
American Sherlock
Kate Winkler Dawson
Hardcover | Feb 2020
not in store $36.00
(available for order)

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COVID-19 and Book Sales

Dear Friends,

As of Wednesday, March 25, Sleuth has been declared non-essential--the fools. What that means is we cannot allow anyone in the bookstore. We are allowed to process on-line and telephone orders, so, feel free to inundate us with them. Let us know if you want us to ship (we use Canada Post) or, if you want to come collect the order. We'll arrange a mutually convenient time to make the handoff! It seems a bit of a grey area as to whether or not we can do these handoff deliveries, but, as long as we remains at arm's length, we should be safe. Promise to not get too close.

Marian and Ms. Pixie, are self-isolating at the cottage;  Pix's concept of six-feet is a little suspect. I'm in the city, trying to keep away from the alcohol. We are all well, show no sign of infection, and wish the same for you and yours.

There is a lot of information on the website—reviews, plot outlines, cover illustrations, inventory on hand—to help you select books and ordering off the site is easy. There are instructions, just below, but feel free to call and we’ll walk you through the process. The last six issues of the newsletter can also be found, under the Newsletters tab above.

The first list of Clearance titles is also up there. Pretty basic. We will be adding more titles periodically. 

When we re-open will depend on how things are progressing on the COVID-19 front, but we’ll keep in touch. This page will be kept updated. Please be careful. 


JD and Marian


Welcome to Sleuth of Baker Street's website. Use this site to search for and order titles.

First thing, though, is to sign in. (If needed, "Create An Account" first; see "Log In" top right corner.)

Then, search for tiles. Use the "Browse" or "Recent Arrivals" options to the left, the "Search for anything" box above, or by walking through the newsletters below. "Add to cart" and then "Checkout Now." Might look intimidating, but it's pretty simple. Play with it; you won't break anything!

"Checkout Now" will generate an order and we'll get to work filling it. Deleting items from your cart is easy and you'll have lots of chances to get your order exactly right before you submit it. Besides, If anything looks odd, or if there is a better option, we'll get in touch. Orders can be shipped or held at the store for pickup.

Prices and delivery times for all items are subject to change, and we'll get confirmation if necessary. Assume that prices and delivery times for "out of stock" titles are ESTIMATES only. 

Play around with the site and if you have any problems, call or e-mail and we'll walk you through them.

A caution. There may be many editions or formats for a particular title--hardcover, paperback, audio, etc--so have a careful look before adding to your cart. There is a running total of the number of books in your cart and deleting from the cart is simple.  

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