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What Wines When
Chris Harrop
in stock $19.95
Troubled Blood
Robert Galbraith
CD Audio | Nov 2020
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Game of Dog Bones
Laurien Berenson
Hardcover | Jun 2020
not in stock $35.00
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The Key Lime Crime
Lucy Burdette
Hardcover | Aug 2020
not in stock $35.99
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Dear Friends,                                                                                                                   


From Retail Council of Canada's website: 
Ontario’s new “Stay at Home” order

January 12, 2021



"The Ontario government has announced a new emergency “Stay at Home” order, which will restrict Ontarians to leaving home for essential activities only. These activities include shopping (curbside as well as in-person), essential work, fitness and medical reasons. This order extends the lockdown to February 3, 2021."

It seems pretty clear from this that we can continue to offer curbside pickups for the length of this order.

Our no-appointment-necessary, just c'mon by, curbside pickup schedule for the next little while:
Wednesday, Thursday, 
Friday: Noon – 4

If those times don't work, call, and we'll find one that does.

Happy New Year.
Keep safe, please. We can't afford to lose any of you.

Pix, Marian, jd

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