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The newest addition to the Sleuth family
is Pixie. She arrived late November 2016 and she's a delight.
After three decades of fabulous
felines--Porky, Winston, Popi aka Ploppy, Princess,
Peaches, Petosky, Perry, and Paddington--the cat
era came to an end in 2008 with the arrival of Percy, sorry,
Sir Percival. And now, Pixie. The era of the dog is truly upon us.
Sir Percival was such a magnificent person that when the
opportunity fell into our laps to acquire a "sibling",
well, this was a non-decision.

And there she is, resting on her daddy's leg.

And, then...

There once was a poodle called Percy
Who showed to his toys no mercy
He bit them, he chewed them
He threw them and chased them
That wonderful doggie our Percy
-Maureen Jennings







The Merchant
of Menace

our much lauded newsletter** is available here, for free. If you'd like the hard copy mailed to you, it's CDN$50 a year for the bi-monthly edition.

eMOM #60 December 2017
(single column, 24 pages, reader friendly)
(double column, 15 pages, printer friendly

eMOM #59 November 2017
(single column, 20 pages, reader friendly)
(double column, 13 pages, printer friendly

eMOM #58 October 2017
(single column, 26 pages, reader friendly)
(double column, 17 pages, printer friendly)

eMOM #57 September 2017
(single column, 26 pages, reader friendly)
(double column, 16 pages, printer friendly)

eMOM #56 August 2017
(single column, 17 pages, reader friendly)
(double column, 11 pages, printer friendly)

eMOM #55 July 2017
(single column, 20 pages, reader friendly)
(double column, 12 pages, printer friendly)

eMOM #54 June 2017
(single column, 28 pages, reader friendly)
(double column, 18 pages, printer friendly)

eMOM #53 May 2017
(single column, 22 pages, reader friendly)
(double column, 14 pages, printer friendly)



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and often, that they love the newsletter. They think it's one of
the best around. And, heck, I believe them.

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Sleuth of Baker Street is a bookstore that specializes in mysteries, crime novels, detective fiction, Sherlockiana, spy and thriller novels...lots and lots of mysteries...British, American,, used, out of print. If we haven't got it, we'll find it. A newsletter worth paying for, and if you want something other than a mystery, we do lots of special orders.


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